It has been a very difficult time for Aislinn and the rest of her family after the discovery of the nurse abuse.  The outcome the charges have left us in the wake of disbelief and on a mission for change.  We have been left in the trenches badly wounded and huddled together clinging on to a life that is unrecognizable.




Touched by my blogs for Miracles for Mito and the sheer trauma we have been through a life line came in from a dear friend.  My friend has an idea to help rescue Aislinn.




The idea was to gather with a group of American veterans to share in a meal, life experiences, and bond.  It was the beginning of what would be a beautiful experience with the United States Veterans Riding Club.




The doors were opened wide for Aislinn at TREA.  She was welcomed and honored.





We shared a delicious meal.  We felt safe.  We fell in love with many American veterans like MacGuyver, Tinkerbell, Chick, Spanky, and Cherriedragon!




Much to Aislinn’s surprise, there was a raffle.  Even the pajama party next door joined in pouring in their band’s music and support.  She laughed when raffle ticket holders won a few “sewing kits”.




"Aim High ... Fly-Fight-Win" was exactly what this event was all about.  "Non sibi sed patriae" which loosely means "Not for self but for country" speaks volumes.  This selfless night brought together the wounded, the brave, and community.  "This We'll Defend" is without doubt the message delivered to Aislinn. She has a larger tribe willing and able to protect her.  “Semper Fidelis” means “Always Faithful” will forever resonate in Aislinn’s heart. 



Mission accomplished…



THANK YOU for saving Private Ice!!!!!




Michelle Voss-Shelley

(Mom to 10 year old Aislinn living with a miscoded GRIN1 gene)