I have thought long and hard about how to write this blog.  Should it be about my disappointment in the outcome of the case with The Monster or deep sadness because I failed Aislinn or the trauma my entire family must overcome or words of wisdom for my tribe?   With a bit of skill, perhaps I can talk about all of them...




We gathered in Courtroom #5 and we did not start on time.  I would like to think the emails sent prior to the arraignment echoing our sentiment for justice caused the delay. Love my tribe!


During the arraignment, The Monster was emotionless, showed no remorse, and was without any apology to Aislinn or her family.  

The Voice was given the opprotunity to address the judge.  Aislinn's daddy read the family's statement and pleaded for more justice.  The Voice brought color to the black and white Docket that was in from of the Judge.  Her big rough and tough daddy moved many people in the courtroom including other people not affiliated with the case.   




Despite The Voice's tireless efforts, The Monster received a gift of a lifetime at the expense of Aislinn's emotional, physical and mental trauma.  A plea bargain brought down the two counts of class six felonies to a class one misdemeanor.  Her sentencing included 3 year's probation, required anger management classes, and a psychological evaluation,  The most appalling thing is she kept her nursing license.  The Voice's statement to the judge only gained 200 hours of community service.    The plea deal was a long way for giving Aislinn any true and equal justice.  The canned responce in a 9News interview from the District Atrtorney's office added salt to our wounds. (See http://www.9news.com/news/crime/no-jail-time-for-nurse-caught-on-camera-abusing-disabled-child/340895625))


The plea deal was a long way from giving Aislinn any true and equal justice.


I have some words of wisdom for my beautiful tribe.  Not all states require background checks to get or maintain a nursing license.  Colorado does not.  Protect yourself and your loved ones by doing your own inquiry into a person's criminal background. The information is public and available at a low cost $5-$25.   


I am happy to share I have begun a dialogue with the Executive Director for the Colorado Nurses Association to get things changed.  She says I have "great ideas".   I will be a part of the actual planning of the bill's language and its advancement through the legislative process.   Other parents are welcomed to join me.


My next step is to follow-up on a lead for a lobbyist thanks to a beautiful connection within my one in a milllion tribe.  Thanks CSP!





I have more words of wisdom.  It is worth it to invest in a surveillance system. Any system is better than nothing. Some systems even allow you to access live feeds while away on an errand or at work.

Look at your current work situation to see if there is an opportunity to work from home or reduce the amount of working hours or quit it.

You owe it to yourself to have peace of mind where your loved ones are concerned.

The trauma has been extensive for Aislinn, David (Aislinn's Daddy), Alexis (Aislinn's big sister) and me. How does anyone begin to mend when the stuffing has been pulled out, hearts are stung out, fear of your own judgment has been wrecked and the sanctity of your home has been destroyed?


It is important to talk about nurse abuse.  I am comforted by family members, friends, co-workers and strangers who have reached out to me.  I am humbled by the kindness of my ever growing tribe. THROW THAT LIFE LINE TO ME....SHARE A QUIET HUG...BRING THE TISSUE...TALK ABOUT IT WITH ME...HELP TRAILBALZE A PATH TO PROTECT THOSE "AT RISK".




Let's ROAR together!  


Michelle Voss-Shelley

(Mom to 10 year old Aislinn living with a miscoded GRIN1 gene)